Website Showcase

I have something similar on my projects page, but I'd thought it would be good to have a place to go into more technical detail about some things on this site.

My domain, (and, points to my cloud server, which is hosted by Vultr. Among other things, it serves my (this) website, which is also on GitHub.

Some cool things I keep on my website:
- converters (hide) These are a collection of javascript applets for doing some number conversions.
- kiosk (hide) This is a clone of Neon Kiosk by m15o. It's essentially a Go app which aggregates posts from other blog-style websites. I partially reversed engineered it to make a few tweaks, and set up a cron job to update it automatically.
- feed (hide) I started an atom feed for general updates. I learned to use XML styling to make it into a nice page, and an ID system allows me to link to specific posts. Some Javascript collapses every post except the one specified in the link. I also wrote a script to get my most recent post, for displaying on other parts of the website, like this:

latest entry from my feed:
[] :

- whiteboard (hide) I used PHP and forms to make a text file publicly viewable, with password-protected editing. Its mostly for personal use, but I'm sure there are plenty of other things I could do with it or a similar idea.
- other javascript (hide) Randomly-selected spash text, and a little frog from the DSi's Flipnote Studio, both on the other page; a simple script to hide/show content, used in many places (including this page).

In addition to my website, I use the sever for some other personal things. Vultr's lowest plan still has 25GB, so it works well for file storage. I use the Miniflux feed reader for my own entertainment, and DAViCal for my calendar, instead of Outlook. The installation wasn't too hard, I just had to install the software and link it to postresql databases.