Website- repository

The website that you are reading this on is hosted by GitHub pages. I wrote it from scratch and designed it myself. Visit the homepage for more info about the website itself.

oBot- repository

oBot is a simple discord bot that I made for use by myself and friends. It has a few simple call-and-response commands, as well as a configuration system and a useful text-to-speech function.

Pixel Art- Gallery

I make a lot of pixel art because it is easy; all I have to do is click squares. I put it on a Tumblr with a matching theme. (This used to be a tab on the main site navbar)

Desatur8- Lospec page

A small color palette with simple, somewhat desaturated colors that I designed to make pixel art with. Every color on this website is from the palette.

Drum Kit Sim- PIC0-8 forum

A small project I made in the PICO-8 game console. Controls are Z and X for the cymbals and the arrow keys for the drums.

Converters- page

A collection of little javascript applets that I made for fun or practice. It currently has a base converter, a decimal to text converter, and a seximal to text converter.

Seximal Time- page

Convert local or UTC into seximal time, and displays them in different ways. The graphic is hard-coded from scratch in SVG.